Building a full UC lab in a few minutes of effort with Orcamate

So i had to build a new lab environment with CUCM, UCXN and IMP with multiple nodes and multiple clusters. I could have done this manually but thought this would be a good way to show how much quicker this would be if i used Orcamate that you can freely download.

orcamate-01 - Copy.png

This is a quick overview of the process of how to use Orcamate - we are planning to incorporate this into Yarnman H2 2018

The first part is to setup your vcenter or esxi host


Then select

  • OVA 
  • ISO
  • OVA configuration
  • Number of nodes

Then set all your required CUCM config and where you are going to deploy the VM in vCenter

Then press deploy 

If there are multiple nodes it will deploy them sequentially 

Then finally click on the link to open vmware remote console and select skip the media check - if you edit the iso you can remove the media check so that the process is fully "touchless"

Depending on the speed of your disks and network but in my lab with SSDs it took  10min setup the deployment then came back 2 hours later to have the following built

  • CUCM cluster of 3 nodes with 1 IMP
  • CUCM cluster with 2 nodes
  • UCXN 
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