So we decided to build a simple and lightweight video booking system that works for HCS for multi tenancy.

The reason for this was to minimize any on premise equipment, store all information in azure AD and use the Office 365 graph api as well as not requiring impersonation right on exchange with the eventual goal of allowing end users to sign up

It works with any video bridge (CMS/Webex CMR/Webex Teams/Pexip/etc) as all we need to know is the meeting URI

We do plan on adding in support for one time meetings, host/guest pins and functional rooms (support/sales/etc)


Here is a preview

This is still a work in progress but reach out if you would like to know more


Create the meeting in O365 - can also use outlook or your mobile phone

Set the @yarno and invite the rooms

Yarno updates the event with the meeting details

It doesnt need impersonation 


The booking is pushed to the endpoint


Management console

Zane England