Migrating to HCS with Wrangler - Deep Dive

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We built Wrangler to make migration to HCS easier and developed a process that that we think incorporated the best practices to make it a sucess



Wrangler automates the time consuming and error prone activities during a migration the helps HCS partners reduce cost and onboard customers faster.

As no two UC migration are the same, a high degree of customisation and variation in the migration process is required to suit all customer requirements. Wrangler simplify and improve UC migrations by providing the following:

  • Consistent migration process with a single pane of glass
  • Telephony data extraction from on premise systems
  • Automated data cleansing and validation
  • Centralised customer data verification
  • UC Project issues management
  • Generation of bulk loaders and automated API upload

The Wrangler engineer toolkit provides deployment teams with a variety of tools that make deployment teams more efficient by providing

  • Customisable data extraction and reporting from source systems using a web-based SQL browser
  • Real time status and local endpoint configuration reporting to find anomalies in source systems
  • View current Extension mobility (EM) status and make bulk changes such as login or logout
  • Extract and compare LDAP information
  • Usage analysis based on CDR history
  • Automatic number range instantiation
  • Number normalisation for speed dials, call forwards and LDAP directories
  • Endpoint management (backgrounds/ringtones/ITL)

Now lets get into the details

Wrangler was designed to suit the HCS environment where multiple customers are migrating at the same time and provide a single management interface but still be able to reach out to the customer systems without requiring static NATs 




Wrangler can import from multiple CUCM's and LDAP sources

Wrangler Support CUCM 8.6+

Create and normalize sites either via regex or drag and drop

Normalize CSS names

Now import that cluster 

Note how approx 1000 devices is imported in 1 Minute as we use SQL rather than AXL

Wrangler automatically finds devices and users that have issues such as external mask, primary line and devices 

These items typically need manual attention validation

Wrangler also does auto fixes for device association for licensing and masks


Number Ranges

Wrangler will automatically instantiate the number ranges based on the data imported 


Phone Button Templates

Wrangler will automatically de-duplicate and normalise the name for PBTs 

Speed Dials

Wrangler will parse all Speed dials and convert to e164, it also caters for on net dialling and varible PSTN break out

Wrangler will also normalize the Call forward destinations like speed dials


Manual Queries 

These allow for easy data extraction from SQL, RIS, LDAP and EM 

The RIS query also allows for resetting ITL/CTL during a migration from the source system as well as finding any phones with alternate TFTP set that will cause issues with the migration

It will also soon support background and ringtone deployment


Wrangler can transform existing data to add new devices such as hybrid, replace existing device, change usernames to suit SSO or re-numbering

Bulk Review

Quickly approve migration data - either partner or customer


Compliance Reporting

Find problems with data before deployment

Detailing Report

Simple reports to provide to customers and billing teams


Data Export

Export to loaders or via API to domain mangers with flexible mapping 



And now the data migration is complete!

Reach out if you would like to see a demo or setup an evaluation

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