Testmate Migration Bundle

This bundle combines several test plans into a simple package for testing during all stages of a UC migration.

  1.  Pre-migration - Prattler tests DNS and Network 
  2. Pre-commissioning - PSTN load test and Site migration 
  3. Go live UAT - Site migration

Now to explain a bit more about how we do call testing and control both end of the call 

The remote allows Testmate to orchestrate the calls for both PSTN load test and Site migration


So now to start a test run

Select your CUCM, device pool(s) and the % of devices to test

Select your internal test cases

Select your external test cases

Depending on the scenario adjusting this options allows for easy porting and media service testing

Select the mix ins and the RTP terminator

Review your test devices and start the test run

Review your test devices and start the test run

Here is the results for a basic internal call 

These are the results for a external call

Note the packet stats and DTMF testing

Here in an inbound call

Note how the called number display is incorrect and the test is failed as a transformation pattern is missing

Here is a call forward also failing due to number display


PSTN Load Test

The setup is simple just select your remotes, number of calls and codec

This is just a quick overview - if you would like a demo or setup an evaluation please reach out


  • DSCP testing
  • Voicemail 


Zane England