Post Change Verification with Testmate and Orcamate


We built Testmate PVT to make post change testing easier and quicker with more consistent results. It has been designed to suit Cisco HCS with a simple deployment model and ease of use by assurance teams.


PVT allows for testing of the base UC features without deploying any infrastructure in the customer network

  • PSTN calling with CLIP/CLIR verification
  • DTMF
  • Conferencing 
  • Transfer (Consult & Blind)
  • Call Fowarding
  • Hold / Resume (MOH)

For other features such as Video, 3rd party devices and mobile gateway a node is required to be deployed (or static NAT setup)

Video Control Remote

This allows for more granular testing of video such as variable bandwidth and content sharing


Orcamate - How it fits in for change management

It has been included to provide the health check using UC Status Page to make sure that the various UC systems are functioning correctly and that there is no pre-existing issue. 

We are extending this to also perform health checks for the OPA domain managers in HCS as well as Expressway/HCMF/PLM/Perimeta/IMP DB/vSphere/etc as well as optionally triggering backups or vMware snapshots (and consolidation) 


Next Steps

What we are working on now is a virtual endpoint that can be used rather than physical phones. It can register from the HCS management network with media NAT traversal - watch this space! 


Zane England