migration management & automation


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Making migrations spreadsheet-free

YarnWrangler allows you to manage and delegate the migration process, without spreadsheets! Simplify by automating the data migration and then letting your site contacts, project managers and provisioning teams manage changes and customisations, all with the safety of validation, automated UAT and direct input & feedback from end users.


Telephony detail portal

The Telephony Detailing Portal is not just a portal, it is a new process that allows:

  • Customer ownership of data

  • Centralised customer driven approval process without the use of spreadsheets

  • Shared access to the latest data User reporting so potential delays can be easily identified and managed

  • Reduced timeframe for detailing data collection

  • High accuracy data collected


Validation & data sign-off

Once basic user information is uploaded, End Users will then be automatically provided their unique credentials for login to the Detailing Portal via email and requested to:

  • Validate their personal information

  • Complete a capability assignment for features such as call forward, pick up groups or hunt groups

The Delegate validation/ approval is completed by either the Prime Contact or the Site Champion and once approved, detailing data is available for download by the project manager or the provisioning team.


Loading & Reporting

The reports available that allow stakeholders to check on progress and easily identify areas that require additional focus to drive the detailing process through to completion, including:

  • User Portal Access report

  • User Validation and Accept report

  • User Non-Compliance Report

Integration with self provisioning can be provided to decouple the logistically challenge of matching MAC addresses to users 

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