YarnLab's suite of software solutions.


YarnMan is our platform that we use to deliver our YarnApps. It provides a mechanism to traverse secured and separated networks while delivering the base functionality for interaction with APIs, data persistence, reporting and interaction with real time systems.

YarnMAN Features

  • Single point of management

  • Single centralized RBAC

  • CMDB (device inventory)

  • Centralized Logging

  • Data store Message bus

  • Yarnapp hosting

  • Centralized upgrade

We built the YarnMan platform with the following in mind:

  • Multi tenancy from the ground up

  • Secure network traversal

  • Centralised management

  • Central and distributed components

  • Credential and data security

  • Data separation (sovereignty)

  • Resiliency



TestMate is a test automation tool for Cisco UC that utilises JTAPI, AXL and other APIs to provided end to end dialplan and UAT testing

orcamate-03 - Copy.png

Automating Unified Communications deployments


Allows you to manage and delegate the migration process, without spreadsheets! Simplify and automate data migration and then let your  project managers and provisioning teams manage direct input & feedback from end users.



Is a 3rd party directories service for phonebooks for Cisco Telepresence units.


Is a credential management tool that is used to reset passwords of disparate systems where there is no integration or AD trusts


Currently in development

We are currently working on improving our toolset and product range. Just some of the tools we've been working on recently:



A holistic managed backup tool for the whole Cisco UC suite.


A reporting tool powered by graylog that collects data from a variety of sources.

UDS Directories

Directory service for Jabber for HCS Shared Architecture (SA)


Reporting tool to support presales activities and rapid quoting of opportunities