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Yarnlab provides products that automate and simplify the migration to Cisco UC and the ongoing life cycle management of HCS.

Wrangler eliminates the error prone and time-consuming migration activities that results in a low risk automated migration process.

Testmate provide highly relevant test automation that covers dial plan, stress testing, post change verification and system acceptance. Orcamate provides targeted orchestration of many operational tasks and compliance functions.


Unwinding Telco

We saw that Telcos are being crippled by layers of cumbersome bureaucracy, preventing them from addressing major operational problems.

This inhibits innovation.

By using our automation technology, it empowers one person to do what ten people do currently. We speed up processes, challenging mediocrity and opening the door to quicker sign-off, increased productivity, and producing a higher quality output.

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Our Platform

yarnMan is our platform that we use to deliver our yarnApps. It provides a mechanism to traverse secured and separated network while delivering the base functionality for interaction with APIs, data persistence, reporting and interaction with real time systems